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Upper Bounce Trampolines For the Whole Family

Trampoline Owners and Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Trampoline Owners Hack #1-Having a trampoline will ruin the grass in my yard. One of the main concerns for trampoline owners is. Will the grass die or accelerate growth under my trampoline? Actually…it may or may not! There are serval schools of thought on the subject and it also depends what region of the U.S. you live in and the type of lawn care you do to your yard. Either way we want to make sure that you do what you can to make your yard and your trampoline look ascetically pleasing for years so your family can enjoy a unique outdoor recreation area with lawn chairs placed in the general vicinity so that you can supervise and relax. Location…... Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Next Trampoline

There isn’t a family out there that doesn’t value keeping their children fit; however, with all the demands and expectations that we place on our kid’s time and attention it’s hard to come up with activities that they really enjoy that provide a good workout. Fortunately, trampolines provide the solution. We haven't met anyone who doesn't get a giddy thrill out of bouncing around on a trampoline. All across America, companies are cashing in on our fascination with getting some air, opening trampoline gyms in every corner of the country where kids can go jump their hearts out. But why spend tons of money every year on those indoor gyms when you can have just as much fun in your... Read More

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